Selena Gomez “hopes” to release a new album in 2024.

The 31-year-old star – who recently dropped new single ‘Love On’ after treating fans to ‘Single Soon’ over the summer – has given fans an update on her upcoming record.

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine, Selena admitted while she “hopes” the new collection will be released this year, she’s not entirely sure just yet.

However, she did reflect on her recent singles, and insisted despite fan speculation that they could feature prominently on her next LP, they also stand alone.

She explained: “I guess it’s safe to say that ‘Single Soon’ and ‘Love On’ might not be really reflective of the project that I’m working on.

“They are in spirit, but I’m excited to explore more styles of music, and I think people will hopefully be surprised by the contrast.

“I like releasing songs that I love and I care about. I just released them into the world and later comes the full album.”

She noted that while “both of them stand alone in their messaging”, she still stands by “each of them, for sure”.

For ‘Love On’ – which she completed during an inspiring stint living in Paris for two months – she reunited with songwriter and frequent collaborator Julia Michaels, who she has been working with since 2015 album ‘Revival’.

She said: “I don’t think there’s a world where I would ever start to crack an album code without Julia.

“She and I have this soul connection where we are experiencing things in our lives at the same time sometimes.

“She’s really able to know my voice, and then we try to make songs that have a fun, unique twist to it.”

The ‘Only Murders In The Building’ star recently teased the likelihood of her next album being her last, but she’s taking a different stance now.

She added: “It’s not that it’s ‘no, never’ [to music], it’s more that I would like to explore that world [of film and TV] a bit more and have the time to actually do that.”