The Writers Guild of America (WGA) union has reached a “tentative” deal to end the strike currently crippling Hollywood.

The movie and TV industry has been brought to a near standstill in recent months after members of the WGA walked out in May over issues including pay and conditions but now it looks as if the strike is nearing its end after a tentative agreement was reached with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP).

A statement from the WGA explained: “We have reached a tentative agreement on a new 2023 MBA, which is to say an agreement in principle on all deal points, subject to drafting final contract language. We can say, with great pride, that this deal is exceptional — with meaningful gains and protections for writers in every sector of the membership.”

The deal comes after more than 140 days of walkouts which halted production on major movies and TV shows across the entertainment industry. It could bring the industrial action to an end if it is approved by the union’s board and members, but the strike action will continue until then.

The statement added: “To be clear, no one is to return to work until specifically authorised to by the Guild. We are still on strike until then. But we are, as of today, suspending WGA picketing.”

However, the end of the WGA strike will not get many of Hollywood’s film and TV projects moving again because of ongoing industrial action by the actors union SAG-AFTRA. The actors walk out started in July and remains ongoing until a deal is reach.

A statement from SAG-AFTRA read: “SAG-AFTRA congratulates the WGA on reaching a tentative agreement with the AMPTP after 146 days of incredible strength, resiliency and solidarity on the picket lines.

“While we look forward to reviewing the WGA and AMPTP’s tentative agreement, we remain committed to achieving the necessary terms for our members.

“We remain on strike in our TV/Theatrical contract and continue to urge the studio and streamer CEOs and the AMPTP to return to the table and make the fair deal that our members deserve and demand.”