Natasha Bedingfield is “always working” on new music.

The 41-year-old pop singer split from record label because she always felt a “pressure” to write a specific kind of song and ultimately decided that she wants her output to “mean something” as she wants to avoid simply “re-creating” old hits.

She told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column: “I am always writing and working on new music.. I asked to get out of my label deal because I felt pressure to write a certain type of music and I want to write music for the creativity and the fun. I am returning to my original love of music. You can view making music in so many ways. As a product, as content or as art. Being an artist is like being a chef. You love creating something special but then with success and demand it can hurt your artistry or creativity. I want my music to mean something and say something and not just write music to have a hit single.

“When you have a hit it is easy to then get obsessed with trying to chase your own success. And label’s always want you to recreate what you have done before but most artists aren’t like that.”

The ‘Unwritten’ hitmaker – who is the sister of fellow pop star Daniel Bedingfield – went on to add that her brother enocuraged her to be herself and so she doesn’t listen to other female artists on the music scene so she can avoid being influenced by them.

She added: “Daniel told me to be authentic because it will make you stand out. I have tried to stick to that throughout my career. I don’t really listen to any other female artists because I didn’t want to copy them and don’t want them to influence me too much”.