‘The Kardashians’ bosses have joked the show will keep going until “North’s marriage”.

The Hulu reality show is currently airing Season 3, but showrunner Danielle King and fellow executive producer Ben Winston have revealed filming for season 4 is already under way and going “great”.

Ben added during a Hulu FYC event: “We feel very fortunate that Disney picked us up for Season 5 and Season 6. We feel great about that.”

And referring to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s nine-year-old daughter, Danielle quipped they plan to keep going until “North’s marriage”.

But Ben admitted he worries about the unpredictable nature of making a reality show, joking he has moments of panic that the famous family will want to “just watch TV”.

Asked how he envisages the show progressing, he said, “It’s actually a really hard show to say how it’s going to evolve. Because where we’ve got to be really smart is we’ve got to change as they change…

“What scares me and what excites me about this show is I’ve got no idea what Season 5 is going to be about and Season 6, which for a controlled maniac, you are like, ‘Oh god, what if they do nothing? What if they just want to watch TV?’”

Danielle praised Kris Jenner and her daughters as “ordinary women with extraordinary stories”

She said: “I think when you think about the Kardashian name, it feels so big, right?

“They have a global presence it’s like, ‘Oh, the Kardashians.’ But I think when you really get to know them and you spend time with them, which I do every single day, what I’m surprised by, and delightfully so, is just the commonality, the things that we have in common.

“These are ordinary women with extraordinary stories.”