Britney Spears was left “completely mortified” after posting the wrong video on Instagram.

The 41-year-old pop star initially shared a video of herself singing an acapella version of her 2000s hit ‘Oops!…I Did It Again’ with her 46 million followers on the social media platform on Tuesday but made another post just hours later where she admitted she had made a “mistake” and just been “messing around” in the studio as she shared a snap of herself sporting a new dress.

She captioned the post: “Holy s*** !!! Mistake sh*** !!! I posted the wrong video of me singing yesterday and once I did, I tried to play it off with the caption !!! Embrace the fall !!! Yep and try to play it off … yep that’s me !!!! I was in the studio messing around and I accidentally posted that version !!! Mortified, completely mortified !!! Anyway … this is me last night in my new gold dress !!! Think I need to salsa in this dress.”

The ‘…Baby One More Time’ hitmaker – who in November 2021 regained control of her multimillion-dollar fortune and various aspects of her life following the termination of a 13-year conservatorship that was governed by her father, Jamie Spears – appeared to be speaking to her estranged mother Lynne in the caption of the original post as she referenced the lyrics of her classic track.

Alongside the initial post, she wrote: “Have you guys heard !!! I’m a star now mamma !!! LOL just kidding !!! Most of this sounds pretty flat … but I liked DOING IT AGAIN !!! Wait OOPS !!! That was so lame I know !!! All good in the neighborhood … as most smarta***** say !!! You gotta be kidding me !!! NOPE !!! I’m not !!! Oh kiss my f****** a** !!! AND stay classy beautiful people [lips emoji, lips emoji, lips emoji]!!!”(sic)