Aubrey Plaza had a failed audition for ‘Saturday Night Live’.

The 38-year-old actress – who was guest host on the show last weekend – tried out for a place on the long-running comedy sketch series but never made it past the preliminary stage of the process.

She admitted on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’: “I didn’t make it to the Lorne audition, the famous final audition, but I did like a preliminary, like first-round showcase at UCB.”

The ‘White Lotus’ star can still remember she auditioned as various characters, including a “pill-popping housewife” with her own bizarre talk show, and a “sexy” news reporter.

She said: “I remember one character I did was like a Puerto Rican news reporter that was trying to make all the news stories sexy, even if they were like horrific news stories, and I was just trying to sex up the news.

“[Another was] a pill-popping housewife who had her own talk show called Celebri-tails, where I would just name celebrities and name what kind of tail they would have.

“Like I would say, “Lindsay Lohan would have like a bushy squirrel’s tail.’ ”

But while she didn’t make it into the cast, Aubrey landed an internship in the design department, where she behaved like a “creepy stalker” who was always “lurking in the shadows”.

She admitted: “I studied like a sponge. I was just, like, creepy. I was like a creepy stalker. Like now I’m gonna host it so my master plan worked.”

And despite her lack of interest in the specialty of her internship, the ‘Emily the Criminal’ star insisted that only made her colleagues like her more.

She laughed: “They loved me because I did not care about set design at all and they wanted an intern who had no interest in learning what they did because they’re moody b*******.”