Charlotte Rampling has vowed never to have surgery to alter her looks.

The 76-year-old ‘Dune’ actress added she is “fascinated” by the natural ageing process and said she was lucky to have inherited a “muscular” physique from her dad.

She told The Sydney Morning Herald on Sunday when asked about getting older: “It doesn’t speak to me, this question. It does not speak to me. I really don’t have a relationship with (it.)

“It will be what it will be. My face is not too bad, so I don’t have to have surgery.

“Even if I’d wanted to, I probably never would have because I’m too frightened of it and I don’t agree with it. I’m sort of fascinated by my face getting old.”

Talking about how her genetics have helped her stay looking fit and healthy: “I keep myself, resolutely, as strong and well as I can, physically. I’ve got very much my father’s body, the muscular tone.”

Charlotte, who is set to appear in the sequel to ‘Dune’, has previously put her long career down to refusing to change her face advising: “Don’t change your face and you can get really interesting parts – not just granny parts; you can get sexy parts, too.”

She told earlier this year how she once flirted with a much younger Russell Crowe before he made it big.

At the time, she was married to French musician Jean-Michel Jarre, now 74, while Crowe was in an on-off relationship with actress Danielle Spencer, who he later married.

She told the Daily Mail Russell was “a very attractive young man”, adding: “I had a flirt. You could leave it at that.”