Rachel Bilson has been granted a temporary restraining order against an obsessed fan.

‘The O.C.’ star filed paperwork with a court in Los Angeles County alleging a man from Georgia has been trying to make contact with her over social media, tracking down phone numbers and even driving thousands of miles in an attempt o visit her home in LA.

In the court filing – obtained by TheBlast.com – Bilson claimed she was concerned for her safety and that of her daughter. She wrote: “There have been many incidents, messages on social media, letters but most alarmingly, there have been multiple attempts to visit, come into my home.”

Bilson went on to claim the man is under the false impression that she is pregnant with his child and referred to her as his “future wife”.

The filing added: “He refers to me as ‘baby’ and calls me his ‘future wife’ and indicates that he believes I am pregnant with his child. I have never met him and have absolutely no intention of doing so.”

In the paperwork, Bilson also claims police were called to her home on September 17 when he allegedly showed up there but he was not detained.

The filing stated: “On September 17th, 2022, he drove across the country to my home, went past the gate and knocked on the door, and identified himself as ‘Clyde’. There were guests home who observed this and told him to leave. He claimed that he had driven all the way from Georgia to see me and he was extremely upset that I won’t see him. Police were called to the home, helicopters were deployed, but he was not apprehended.”

A judge approved Bilson request for a temporary restraining order which bans the individual from coming within 100 yards of her.