Emma Roberts has never felt under pressure to live up to her aunt Julia Roberts.

The 40-year-old is the niece of the Hollywood icon – who has starred in movies such as 'Erin Brockovich' and 'Pretty Woman' – but explained that she wants to do her "own thing" when it comes to acting.

Emma told Tatler magazine: "I never aspired to be her. I love her so much, I love her work, but I'm just doing my own thing."

The 'American Horror Story' star also revealed that some of her fondest childhood memories are of visiting Julia on the set of her movies and says it taught her a lot about the industry.

Emma recalled: "I'd write the wardrobe tags and organise the make-up brushes and watch how they did their continuity books. I would ask questions without a filter. This industry really is 'learn as you go'."

She also discussed how her role in the 2008 movie 'Wild Child' – which told the story of an American girl who is forced to go to boarding school in England – enabled her to explore her love of Britain.

Emma explained: "I was obsessed with the royals, obsessed with having an English accent. When I realise that the role meant filming in England for a summer, I felt my life was about to start.

"I remember seeing Buckingham Palace and thinking, 'Wait, someone lives there?'

"I would love to do a period drama in England. That's definitely on my acting bucket list."

Emma also reflected on the unwanted attention that comes with fame and how she was hounded by paparazzi while pregnant with her 14-month-old son Rhodes, who she has with former partner Garrett Hedlund.

The star said: "The way I was followed and treated when I was pregnant was disgusting. I'd be driving to a doctor's appointment and they'd be following me so closely.

"At one point, I remember saying to them, 'Please don't do that, I'm eight months pregnant.' But they don't care. It's not the fun, creative part of the job, for sure."

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