A woman who spent 10 days in Channing Tatum’s house has appealed for a restraining order to be modified so she can be in the same room as the actor.

The unnamed female broke into the ‘Magic Mike’ star’s vacant house in 2018, where she stayed for several days before being found by one of the actor’s assistants, and was later ordered to stay away from the 41-year-old hunk, his ex-wife Jenna Dewan and their eight-year-old daughter Everly until 2024.

However, the woman has now submitted court documents asking for permission to be near Channing because she works in the entertainment industry as a circus performer.

According to RadarOnline.com, her request states: “I respectfully request to have my case reviewed to allow me to work again in the Art industry.

“I ask to be able to be in the same place than Channing Tatum when I work or take part to a Cinema/Television/Art/Circus/Promotional or artistic social event. I have no interest in contacting Channing.”

The woman claimed to be an aerial circus performer and wants to be able to get work without fear of being “penalised” if she and the ’21 Jump Street’ actor cross paths, and vowed to stick to all the other terms of the order.

She wrote: “I will not contact Channing Tatum or his family indirectly or directly or take any action to obtain Channing Tatum’s address or location.”

She also confirmed she would continue to stay 100 yards away from his home at all times and admitted she regrets her previous actions.

She said: “I regret what I did, I didn’t want to cause any emotional distress to Channing Tatum or his family,”

The woman has made multiple previous attempts to have the restraining order modified but has had them rejected every time.