Former S Club 7 star Paul Cattermole has a new career giving tarot card readings online.

The singer, who left the Never Had a Dream Come True hitmakers in 2002 following "creative differences", has experienced some tough times in recent years, and even tried to auction off his BRIT Award in 2015.

Now he's turned to virtual divination to make a living, asking viewers to pay up for a private reading on YouTube.

A message on his Tarot Me This channel reads: "Tarot readings for everyone!… General, Collective, individual, timeless and also random Tarot readings most often short and to the point but sometimes long."

And Paul writes on the channel's "About" page, "You may recognize me from Tv or Music or Theater, I have had a long and varied career in Performing arts. I now spend most of my time making online content of all different types, Clairvoyance Sorcery Soothsaying and Necromancy are now my main gigs (sic)".

He currently has 45 videos on the channel, which he launched in 2012.

The former pop star includes a disclaimer that his tarot readings are "for the purposes of entertainment only," and advises fans should not use "tarot guidance for important matters" such as "medical, financial or legal matters".

Paul previously admitted to financial woes in 2018, when he appeared on the British talk show Loose Women and noted he was out of funds and had to borrow a shirt to wear on TV.

Earlier this year, his ex-bandmate Tina Barrett said: "I'm always here for Paul. It is hard when you see someone you've worked with look like they're struggling."