Matthew McConaughey won't enter the running for Texas Governor.

The actor previously hinted at a leadership role but, in a new video on his social media channels, the star has insisted the office position is a "path that I'm choosing not to take at this moment."

"As a simple kid born in the little town of Uvalde, Texas, it never occurred to me that I would one day be considered for political leadership. It's a humbling and inspiring path to ponder," he explained.

"It is also a path that I'm choosing not to take at this moment,"

Instead of taking on the full-time role, the Dallas Buyers Club star will "continue to work and invest the bounty I have by supporting entrepreneurs, businesses and foundations that I've believe are leaders, establishments that I believe are creating pathways for people to succeed in life, organizations that have a mission to serve and build trust while also generating prosperity. That's the American dream."

It comes after the Interstellar actor recently came out on top in a poll for the position, beating current governor, Republican Greg Abbott, and Democratic candidate Beto O'Rourke.