Adam Driver took a pair of Gucci shoes home from the House of Gucci set, but he snubbed the suits.

The 38-year-old actor plays Maurizio Gucci, one-time head of the fashion house, in the movie, and while he decided to treat himself to a pair of Gucci shoes after filming wrapped, he opted against taking any of the suave suits because he didn't want to feel like his character off-set.

He said: "I didn't take the suits. I took a pair of Gucci shoes. I always find from when I work on a movie and you're wearing a costume 14 hours a day for months, always something weird happens where I start to feel like, 'Oh. This is actually who I am. This is my identity. I've been doing it wrong this whole time.'

"And then, you get back to reality and you put the clothes on that you've taken from set, because you're like, 'This is great.' And then you pretty soon are like, 'What? What am I doing? This is not who I am

at all'."

Driver admitted that also happened to him on historical drama movie The Last Duel, but joked if he wore his chain mail to the bank staff might think he was about to rob the place.

Speaking to Screen Rant, he added: "And that's what happened with this, regardless if it was Gucci. I mean Last Duel, you put chain mail on.

"After a certain point, you're like, 'Actually, think I can kind of pull… You know? I could do this at the bank.' And then you get back in reality and realize, 'No, probably people would construe this as robbery'."