Michael Buble's eight-year-old son Noah is listed as co-writer on his latest track.

The crooner is currently working on his new studio album with One Republic's Ryan Tedder but, according to the Haven't Met You Yet, his youngster also had a significant creative input

"I was giving the kids a bath and he said, "I wrote a song Papa,' and started singing," he said, according to Britain's Daily Star newspaper. "I said, "Wow that's really good. Where did you hear it?' And he said, "No I wrote it' and he played it on the piano.

"So I was working with Ryan and it was going OK and then I was like, "You know what guys, can I just sing something that my son sang?' They looked at me like I was nuts " 25 minutes later I have my lead single."

Gushing about the track, which has yet to be released, he added: "I am freaking out honestly. Yes, I'm pumped. It's the best. I don't know why some records come together and some don't and why some ideas come from the universe and some don't."

Noah's foray into songwriting comes a few years after he battled liver cancer, which he was diagnosed with in November, 2016. Confirming his boy is on the road to recovery, Michael added: "My wife thought I was crazy because she kept finding me in the bathroom but I was just a mess. I cried my eyes out.

"A few days after that we had his six-month scan. It came back all good and now we can breathe."