Jennifer Lopez is still convinced she “doesn’t belong” in Hollywood, despite her decades-long acting career.

Even after making dozens of movies, including 2015’s An Unfinished Life with actor/director legend Robert Redford and the acclaimed 2019 stripper film Hustlers, J.Lo believes she’s never been fully accepted as an actress.

In a video shared to her JLo Beauty Instagram page on Thursday, Lopez says, “I know it is important for all of us to feel like we belong… and like most people there’s so many times in your life when you feel like an outsider, I feel like that in Hollywood sometimes.

“I still feel that way,” added the star, who hit the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival in Italy with beau Ben Affleck last week.

“But the truth is you just need your little tribe. I believe we all have this limitless power inside of us that makes us unstoppable.

“The only way to feel truly beautiful is to accept yourself for who you are,” she adds.

She didn’t mention being passed over by Oscar voters for her acclaimed performance in Hustlers, but previously noted the snub made her “sad”.