Toss around different ideas and solutions to problems as the week begins. Some are stewing about this before bringing it to the attention of those being affected. Decide who will shoulder responsibility for any fallout or damages.

Trying to run out the clock or escape could be risky especially while on the move. Issues of trust need to be clarified. Find out what you have in common. The closer you are to the same beliefs the better to avoid control imbalance.

Have plans in place by Friday the full moon in cancer. Focus shifts to home, family and security near or far.

International events make those involved more unified. Regroup.

ARIES: Remove yourself from any domestic pressures as you need to buy some time. Negotiate terms.

TAURUS: Plan carefully before you use up any leverage you have. This is important to the end game.

GEMINI: Keep arrangements simple and you will come out ahead when all is said and done. Be calm.

CANCER: Matters that concern you can be finalized so move forward. The blame game is confusing.

LEO: You wear your heart on your sleeve and others are moved by your words or actions. It is helpful.

VIRGO: Circumstances work in your favour as your situation eases. There is assistance well placed.

LIBRA: Have company or visit interesting places. Change is as good as a rest. Check your options.

SCORPIO: Your influence expands in more than one area. Take time to put in personal appearance.

SAGITTARIUS: You benefit from connection to others’ money or assets. Agreements are worth time.

CAPRICORN: Plan to advance your agenda while helping others with theirs. All involved will benefit.

AQUARIUS: Your words or actions will have some influence on what happens to other. Collaborate.

PISCES: Put a soft spin on your words and this helps diffuse areas of misunderstanding or change.