Happy New Year to all. 2020 is ruled by the No. 4 as you add the twos together.

Green is attached to the number as well as the planet Saturn.

It’s time for feet on the ground, building a strong base and getting priorities in order. Put the past behind you.

A new or unusual approach works now where it didn’t before so try it. Follow intuitive promptings to save time or avoid having to redo. There is optimism in the air. Dreams can come true under the right conditions.

Seek extra income or perks that are deserved or part of the package even if there is additional responsibility to shoulder.

Move if this is required to get what you want. Negotiate.

ARIES: You can make a sweet deal, but keep the arrangements between those it will affect the most.

TAURUS: Handle matters over distance one way of the other. Be willing to travel if this is required.

GEMINI: Meet with others in private to discuss important details that affect how this will play out.

CANCER: Work with regulations to reach a settlement that will be different than originally discussed.

LEO: You receive praise or surprise attention that allows you to feel good or smile. Be out and about.

VIRGO: Caring for each other can develop into something more as you expand activities with them.

LIBRA: You are the centre of attention at your place or theirs. Any changes work to advantage now.

SCORPIO: Let others know how you really feel and it can work wonders in getting your own way.

SAGITTARIUS: Income increases can come from more than one source. Take things up a notch.

CAPRICORN: Others are attracted to you and let you know it. Check out any shared interests.

AQUARIUS: You hold the seat of power behind the scenes. Use the velvet glove approach with it.

PISCES: There is a pleasant surprise in store for you when others show support for your plans, etc.