Navigate around manipulation or anything that feels unreal.

There seems to be subtle power plays going on. Those who jockey for control may not be entitled to it in the greater scheme of things.

?Back-room deals will be found out and explanations required. Don’t be swayed by emotion or sympathy as its time to make a choice. Stay silent until you have the facts to use as leverage.

Practical plans find a level of agreement that is workable for all concerned.

The full moon in Gemini mid week favours taking meetings to social settings to ease tensions.

Try your luck Friday the Thirteenth. Pause. Regroup and do what makes you feel empowered.

ARIES: Suppress your urge to speak out until others have shown you the hand they are playing.

TAURUS: An accurate sense of timing is important to get what you want now or on down the road.

GEMINI: The full moon in your sign puts an added light on what you are saying or doing. Be clear.

CANCER: Covert talks or meetings are like a discovery session. Get everyone to state positions.

LEO: You are a star on the job. Others support you behind the scenes, so take your rightful place.

VIRGO: Dodge those with control issues and you can manoeuvre things in the right direction, etc.

LIBRA: You can pull rank near or far, but it does not have to be dramatic. Use velvet gloves now.

SCORPIO: Intuitive glances send a message that signals you want to get together later. It’s OK.

SAGITTARIUS: Private deals or arrangements turn out to be a win-win for all involved with this.

CAPRICORN: Others look to you for direction, so be willing to step forward and be the leader.

AQUARIUS: A bond grows deeper behind the scenes as you discuss what is important ahead.

PISCES: You are toasted or singled out for praise. Be gracious with those of all ranks or status.