Feeling that time is short can cause some to jump the gun.

Make sure you have enough support before you stick your neck out. Keep key info in reserve as you may need it as leverage down the road.

Sense where others are coming from before you bring things up. Use rules already in place to advantage. Business or work relationships can develop into personal ones; this is OK.

Those on hold move to the next stage after they have “the talk.” There are emotional adjustments to make as the pecking order changes.

Don’t upset the apple cart if there is no advantage to doing so. Most find their comfort level in natural ways. Conflict will ease.

ARIES: You can easily slide into a top or more official position as you do not have worthy challengers.

TAURUS: Those supporting you behind the scenes wish to remain anonymous for the next little while.

GEMINI: Soft peddle your actions so that others are surprised when you step forward or pull rank now.

CANCER: Personal relationships can be used to advantage in work or business matters. Play it cool.

LEO: Use your intuition to show the areas of gain that are achievable over those who are off to the side.

VIRGO: Patience pays off for you in most matters this week. Private talks bring changes with plans.

LIBRA: It will be important to assess what you value now. You need to move forward without pressure.

SCORPIO: Emotions are stirred by special relationships or events. Participate to your comfort level.

SAGITTARIUS: Your generous nature is showcased by your words or deeds that benefit other as well.

CAPRICORN: Casual conversation can lead to a deeper connection or plans for future involvement.

AQUARIUS: Others become more aware of your influence behind the scenes and powerful contacts.

PISCES: You are the star near or far. Take centre stage personally or on behalf of others who need it.