Many feel that time is of the essence as decisions are coming down to the wire. Follow a path that resonates with your inner core beliefs.

If in doubt, check your concerns with a wise adviser you respect. 

Be ready to drive your plans in a certain direction. Do not engage with those who oppose or challenge you.

They are just potholes in the road to your larger distinction. Travel light. The less you say, the less you will have to recover later.

Avoid accidents or dangerous areas. The new moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday adds an air of optimism; seek out positive people.

A meeting of the minds develops into something more. Nice.

ARIES: Be patient with how long it takes for changes to be implemented. Time works for you now.

TAURUS: Take charge independently if others are not up to speed. There is a process to follow.

GEMINI: New or renewed talks lead to a change in personal or business relationships. It’s hopeful.

CANCER: Your intensity can be overwhelming to others as they need time to think before speaking.

LEO: Consider all options personally or on the job. It could require a change if you are willing to.

VIRGO: An unexpected source can provide information that you can use to get the best results.

LIBRA: What you say or do becomes a prototype for others to follow, making things flow easily.

SCORPIO: Speak or lay out plans in a direct and clear manner so those waiting can run with it.

SAGITTARIUS: You can successfully change up the way you present yourself in the new moon.

CAPRICORN: Silence is golden with the level of control you have behind the scenes. Act on it.

AQUARIUS: You can assume a leadership role of sorts even if it is not officially announced yet.

PISCES: You inform or entertain as others look to you for direction. Get them together to chat.