Moods shift as we try to sort out how we really feel and what we want.

Anyone planning action against others should make sure they have official backing first.

Knee-jerk behaviour will be discredited and they could end up with egg on their faces. It’s time to play cards close to the vest and hold meetings in private.

The full moon in Taurus highlights bullish energy as horns are locked or heads butted. Some say, “where’s the beef?” when deals are being made.

There can be shared benefits. Focus on stability near or far. Those with solid reputations take on leadership roles bringing people together.

Relationships begin or end. Release.

ARIES: Go back over old agreements to make a better deal. It will be good for all involved now.

TAURUS: Associates will be useful sources of information as you catch up on what is going on.

GEMINI: Inside information gives you the heads up on important matters that require a decision.

CANCER: Present info or data that helps to explain where you are coming from. Compare notes.

LEO: You are lucky in most areas this week. The full moon shines positive light on your career.

VIRGO: Seek improvements or change to your home or living situation. Do some of this privately.

LIBRA: Organize Power Points that convince others to go along with your plans. They add to this.

SCORPIO: Your personal position is strengthened by those who are willing to stand up for you.

SAGITTARIUS: You can pull off a coup behind the scenes and this will boost your influence, etc.

CAPRICORN: Private talks give you confidence to take the next step in your path going forward.

AQUARIUS: Your star is on the rise, so take your rightful place. You have influential backing now.

PISCES: You can play the old shell game with those who think they do it better. You set the pace.