Try to keep personal and business matters separate for now. It’s important to look at the facts objectively; go the extra mile to get them.

Those playing games won’t be able to hide much longer. These types of situations have a natural time line. Jealousy or resentment causes a show down as some try to exert their will over others.

Be prepared on all levels. Domestic or international events are included in this activity. Meet up and strategize in private before making any statements or demands.

Secure documents or evidence in secure places as they will be needed later.

Present them in stages to allow changes that required as it all unfolds.

ARIES: Shore up your position by dodging face-to-face talks with those trying to block your actions.

TAURUS: Stay the course as you juggle responsibilities near or far. Others are counting on you.

GEMINI: Your ability to influence others is amazing to watch. Stay on your chosen path to advance.

CANCER: Residence or base of operations is affected by the influence of those making decisions.

LEO: Keep a lid on privileged information until it’s time to speak up. Its will affect you and others.

VIRGO: Take a closer look at the reputation or history of those who have some say on your future.

LIBRA: Keep your comments to yourself until they will have the desired effect. This will matter.

SCORPIO: Intense emotion prompts you to bend or break the rules for the good of the situation.

SAGITTARIUS: Wheel and deal with those who try tipping the scale to their advantage. Patience.

CAPRICORN: Just because you have to be in the presence of others does not make you them.

AQUARIUS: Jealous individuals talk about you behind your back as they are afraid to face you.

PISCES: Seek your best source of investment or support before you expand your agenda etc.