The new moon in Scorpio adds intensity all round.

Showdowns cause some to move by choice or not; defences are up. Passionate feelings are displayed.

Certain matters have reached the end of the line. New starts will be refreshing even if initially rejected. Pack what you need and get rid of the rest. Take time out to get organized and settled.

Brainstorm behind closed doors. Magnetic attractions develop into real relationships. it could be pointed out that you are a smooth talker.

Mercury turns retrograde bringing in a three-week period of change, reversals and equipment glitches.

Watch traffic issues. Put your phone down. Avoid signing things.

ARIES: Take a closer look at the fine points of an agreement before letting go of money or assets.

TAURUS: Try not to let others push your buttons. Don’t react in ways you may later regret. Wait.

GEMINI: Those seeking to control you cause a showdown of sorts. Contain your emotions so far.

CANCER: Questions asked by authority figures will shift the direction of events that will follow.

LEO: Home or base of operations is up for review. Let those involved know what you need now.

VIRGO: Work with those in charge of finances to get to a workable plan that suits the situation.

LIBRA: Increased income or access to others funds will require careful planning over sharing.

SCORPIO: Step out in front and take the heat from disgruntled associates. Status increases.

SAGITTARIUS: Reach agreements behind the scenes before letting others know it happened.

CAPRICORN: Work with those who need you more than you need them. Take advantage now.

AQUARIUS: Your reputation supports a rise in status that others are jealous of. Stand ground.

PISCES: Carve out some time to handle matters over distance or involving others situations.