A lot of chit chat gets the week going at a faster pace. It seems everyone has something to say or do.

This will evolve as a personal spin is put on things. Take it all with a grain of salt until facts or evidence is provided.

Settle any differences or who owes whom. Loyal and trustworthy ones will show themselves.

Romantic thoughts drift into areas of fantasy, communicate clearly. Those who really want to be together need to make concrete plans before hand to avoid jealous reactions.

Let go of what you don’t really need as there is always more to replace it.

Join others getting on track toward the future. Choose a worthwhile path to get you there.

ARIES: Speculation pays off for you in more than one area. Private deals provide a needed advantage.

TAURUS: Avoid making snap decisions regarding relationships or legals. Allow for a natural process.

GEMINI: You are a star on the job and others discuss your talents or abilities and offer their support.

CANCER: Your personal interest in others deepens and could involve communications over distance.

LEO: You are treated to gifts, perks or special invitations. Enjoy the attention any way you can get it.

VIRGO: All your hopes and wishes seem to be heading in a desired direction. Stay on course now.

LIBRA: Seek a raise, promotion or new job with ease, but keep the negotiations private until settled.

SCORPIO: Step out from the shadows and take a stand. Your very presence is commanding.

SAGITTARIUS: Grand plans are discussed behind the scenes. Others see your wisdom and agree.

CAPRICORN: Your ability to soldier on is admired as you overcome or blow past obstacles.

AQUARIUS: Others promote or flatter you even though they would like to be in your place. Smile.

PISCES: Important or influential people become your fans. Your reputation precedes you. Engage.