Efforts to be inclusive will be appreciated by all. Use softer words that neutralize any feelings of anxiety to get things done or shift the pecking order.

Most will be relieved by the end results. Some were not comfortable in their position anyway; accept promotions or transfers for the common good.

Certain influential individuals or authority figures overrule objections.

The full moon will focus on these matters at beginning of the week. Those who want more or something different should move on.

Strong egos need their own stage and should go find it. Their complaints fall on deaf ears.

Update resumes with proof. Covert information come out.

ARIES: The full moon shines on relationships of all types. Make them work or act independently of them.

TAURUS: Allow some time to take care of what must be done, including looking after others who need it.

GEMINI: Work around obstacles or gossip to maintain the status quo. Your achievement is recognized.

CANCER: Organize a time line in co-ordination with others. Set aside differences to reach a conclusion.

LEO: Separate yourself from tensions around you at home or work. Bring out your Leo charm to gain.

VIRGO: Others appreciate your extra efforts even though they wish they had done it themselves now.

LIBRA: Make your needs known and the extra income or perks expected. You’re on the right track.

SCORPIO: Your firm grasp on the situation makes others feel comfortable as they seek involvement.

SAGITTARIUS: Your generosity is repaid in alternate ways. Those jealous agree to the terms anyway.

CAPRICORN: Your natural ability to take charge shines through and others naturally give you ground.

AQUARIUS: Private talks are carried on over distance. Sort out the details so everyone is on board.

PISCES: Your big ideas will unfold in ways that others can’t block. Have faith in procedure or rules.