Sudden communication glitches cause confusion. Check equipment or wording before taking any action on speculation.

Some like to say or do things for shock value and are entertained by how others react; it is immature. Those reaching the end of road or being blocked need to move on.

Trying to make up won’t work this time in personal or business relationships. Infatuations can be temporary distractions but not likely to turn into what you want; try to stay in reality.

Avoid being “out of it” making matters worse. Emotional tensions are extreme so be on guard.

Observe surroundings. Stay away from those known for perverse or bad behaviour.

ARIES: At this point arguing over who owes whom becomes a lose-lose situation. Bide your time now.

TAURUS: Relationship matters are extremely tense and need a practical plan to reach a solution.

GEMINI: A shake-up behind the scenes connects present issues to the past. Dance around details.

CANCER: Others have some say over where you will be or how relationships affect moving forward.

LEO: Avoid showdowns of all types as reputation could be affected by attitudes. Cool your heels.

VIRGO: Trying to change the status quo could be a fruitless pursuit. Renegotiate with them instead.

LIBRA: Settle outstanding matters even if you have to give a little. It’s worth the sense of relief etc.

SCORPIO: Divide up the power base as both sides want their way. Sit together to work it all out.

SAGITTARIUS: Confidential or secret activities draw you into strange situations or power games.

CAPRICORN: Let others know where you really stand so they don’t take action without your input.

AQUARIUS: Be prepared to stand up and be counted. Its time to take on another position or job.

PISCES: Sudden opportunity causes you to shift gears. Investigate who or what is really involved.