Olivia Newton-John is focusing on the simple things in life while battling cancer for the third time.

The singer and actress was first diagnosed with the disease in 1992 and it returned again in 2013. In 2017, she was diagnosed a third time and learned the cancer had spread to her bones, but she is keeping a positive outlook.

“In my opinion, if they give you a percentage, or you know, ‘This many women get this and they live this long,’ you can create that and make it happen,” she told CBS Sunday Morning. “It’s almost like – I think I know what the statistics are, but… I put them away. I’m gonna live longer than that. I’ve made that decision. And I don’t buy into the statistics because I think they can make you really nervous.”

And the 71 year old is determined to keep living on her own terms.

“Denial is really healthy,” she joked. “It (cancer) was consuming my day, and after some time I went, ‘You know what? I don’t know what my time is, but I need to enjoy my life, so I’m gonna eat a cookie if I want it and I’m gonna have a cup of tea if I want it, and (if) I want to have a little bit of wine then I’m gonna do that.’

“The joy of life and everyday living has to be a part of that healing process as well,” she smiled.