Be patient with any situations where there is emotional stalls or lockdown. Cautious expectations are needed on various levels. Wait to see how things shake out so feelings of jealousy or resentment can be put to rest; it’s not worth it.

See relationships as they really are and move forward. Respect each other’s boundaries.

Keep a tight circle of action to get things done. Don’t leave any details to the imagination. Handle some matters at a distance from each other to avoid arguments. Be extra careful with confidential info on any media.

Make a note of where you put things as things can seem a little scattered at the moment.

ARIES: You may have to make a choice affecting carer or how personal life affects your reputation.

TAURUS: Deal with important or official matters over distance. Save yourself some travel time.

GEMINI: Be extra cautious where you may want to take a chance or go out on a financial limb now.

CANCER: Make deals or check the rules regarding property or residential matters. Get an OK, etc.

LEO: You rock at work or play. Others compliment you even though they may be a bit jealous.

VIRGO: Your benefit from shared luck or good will. Take time to list the details and expectations.

LIBRA: You surprise others with a show of strength that they did not know you had. It is calming.

SCORPIO: Talks or meetings behind the scenes provide clarity on confidential information. etc.

SAGITTARIUS: Stand by your assessments of how things should unfold. You hold the cards.

CAPRICORN: Others rely on your strength and expertise. Take the reins and steer the action.

AQUARIUS: Secret or covert connections like what you say or do and consult with you about it.

PISCES: Pooling money, assets or resources with others becomes a win-win situation for all.