List all the fine points to be covered in order of importance.

What matters becomes a point of contention for those who care about the little things. How they are handled can set the tone for the bigger ones.

Sudden travel or moves can be a knee-jerk reaction at a time when its more important to remain calm and hold a steady course.

Relationships could be affected by assuming something is going on when it is not. Focus on a productive path in a quietly assertive manner.

Manoeuvre past those in the way as you don’t owe them anything. Let them go their own way so they won’t slow you down.

Have faith in yourself and progress at you own rate.

ARIES: Focus on your career or what you want to do going forward. Balance ego out with expertise.

TAURUS: Make greater efforts to free yourself from responsibility or burdens belonging to others now.

GEMINI: Take a certain amount of hands-on control with matters that affect the status of associates.

CANCER: You do your best to influence or persuade others to your way of thinking. Connect the dots.

LEO: You turn up the heat in a competition where you know deep down that you are the winner here.

VIRGO: You push for more freedom or mobility. What you seek is available under certain conditions.

LIBRA: Stay put or go where you feel secure. This can be by choice or out of necessity as decided.

SCORPIO: You speak out knowing you have the support of those who count and can pull the strings.

SAGITTARIUS: Your status or reputation is strong and will help to boost the bottom line in some form.

CAPRICORN: You are willing to take things on no matter how hard or dangerous it may be to do now.

AQUARIUS: Take control behind the scenes or help others to do so. Demonstrate your leadership.

PISCES: Others don’t mind you speaking for them as they know they will benefit as well. It’s good.