Think big this week while keeping plans in the realm of actual possibilities; it’s fun to daydream.

Some may have to move to make some of this come true; secure the details or financial base. Others could end up being affected by your choices, so be fair.

Investigate all viable choices and time limits. Some may feel haunted by indecision; be patient.

Feeling pressure causes them to jump the gun. Use charm and the luck of Friday the Thirteenth to gain ground or extra benefits under the full moon as expectations are high.

Observe those who may be fudging the truth to advantage. Ask important questions and see the facts for yourself.

ARIES: Choices this week seem larger or more time sensitive than usual. Prune the list in right order.

TAURUS: Private arrangements will eventually work to your advantage, so navigate around obstacles.

GEMINI: Others have a greater influence on your status, home or income. Take time to negotiate it.

CANCER: The full moon affects your thoughts and words. Present them carefully and be cool now.

LEO: Discuss what you expect and what others are willing to give you. Know your worth. Stand tall.

VIRGO: You push for action or to get a commitment. Make sure you have the upper hand with this.

LIBRA: Duty calls. Do what you must and it will look good to others. Add this to your resume also.

SCORPIO: You can push back with authority over those who have pushed you. Might can be right.

SAGITTARIUS: Consider working or aligning with those who are behind the scenes. Keep it private.

CAPRICORN: Negotiate when it comes to what you want to do and where. You will be needed.

AQUARIUS: You can have final say no matter how high the stakes are. Your influence is key now.

PISCES: Personal and business relationships blend into a tighter unit where all will benefit later on.