Covert action is not necessary when the truth will do. It all comes out in the wash anyway.

This is one case where taking extra time is not helpful; being stubborn has a price.

Charming words or expressions of love will smooth things over and neutralize tensions. Remember the old saying “you get more with honey than with vinegar.”

Plan travel or get out of Dodge for a few days.

Contemplate how to make financial gains or other increases in security. Follow familiar patterns, they pay off.

Treat yourself or others to something nice and the generosity will be appreciated.

Re-set your goals if you are not making headway on your present path.

ARIES: Social activity can deepen to a more personal level. Enjoy the company of others. Connect.

TAURUS: You can see how investments will pay off. Improve your environment or home situation.

GEMINI: What you say or do is supported by mate, associates or authorities. Advance to next stage.

CANCER: Consider jobs or other income opportunities you would be comfortable with. Be assertive.

LEO: You stand out as circumstances work in your favour. Others show appreciation for your help.

VIRGO: Spend time where you will receive extra special treatment even if it sees a bit confining.

LIBRA: You rub elbows with important or well connected individuals. There are benefits to be had.

SCORPIO: Your career or status is on the rise. You feel like a winner as others give you support.

SAGITTARIUS: Your world opens up near or far with connections to important or key individuals.

CAPRICORN: Private deals or arrangements provide benefits for you. Others want in on it, too.

AQUARIUS: Partner with powerful or influential people or groups. They admire all your abilities.

PISCES: Take the necessary steps to rise to the top in your area of expertise. Make a speech.