The week begins with the powerful sun and Pluto opposing each other.

Ego clashes test the waters to see how far they can go before there is push back.

Rein in threats of violence or retaliation as the price may be higher than expected. Consider the bystanders in the line of fire. Block headed individuals don’t see the bigger picture.

The full moon eclipse alters situations or the position of the players; endings likely. Protect home base or status.

Be calm while avoiding issues. It’s a good time for a vacation. Give emotions a chance to settle on all levels.

Guard your reputation and that of others as this will count in the long run. Don’t lose ground over this.

ARIES: A choice needs to be made between home, office or location. Position or career is affected. 

TAURUS: Communication over distance is required to handle important matters for yourself or them.

GEMINI: Reach a settlement by careful negotiation with those having authority over the end results.

CANCER: You push your personal agenda while others have an alternate one. It a teeter totter ride.

LEO: A lot goes on behind the scenes. Observe carefully before you make your play. It will matter.

VIRGO: Expand your contacts to those with more important influence. Situation needs tweaking.

LIBRA: Special arrangements give you choices that could affect your status or location. Pick one.

SCORPIO: You brainstorm with powerful individuals or select groups. Present some facts to them.

SAGITTARIUS: You have luck with home or property matters. Make deals that satisfy everyone.

CAPRICORN: Unite forces with those on the same page or with the same goals. Past will help.

AQUARIUS: Be patient with anyone who blocks or opposes you. Your reputation or name works.

PISCES: Social connections become more important as you see what you have in common now.