Make sure planning has some wiggle room as Mercury goes retrograde for the next three weeks.Things will shift.

Avoid signing papers or binding contracts unless it is already in motion; complete those. Sell or get rid of what you don’t need.

Pay attention to vehicle, electrical or mechanical issues etc.

Travel plans could change, so be prepared.

Deal with talks in person to avoid communication glitches. Hang loose socially. Attend events. Try something new. Short trips produce good connections.

Change jobs or transition within areas of expertise. Special moments inspire.

Follow intuition.

Wind down and relax on the weekend. Be adaptable.

ARIES: Take time out with that special someone in a cozy environment. Discuss your plans.

TAURUS: Watch signals from others to handle sudden changes that could affect home or location.

GEMINI: Your presentation gets a warm response and shows where income can be increase now. 

CANCER: Soft peddle your approach when dealing with those in authority as you need their help.

LEO: Your words or statements catch others off guard now. Power plays go on behind the scenes. 

VIRGO: Make sure you understand others’ intentions before you take action on what they want.

LIBRA: Career opportunity or promotion may include location choices, perks and decor as well.

SCORPIO: Maintain a strong position even if those you counted on drop away. Your plan is good.

SAGITTARIUS: Handle the unexpected and be prepared to settle anything outstanding. Regroup. 

CAPRICORN: A Mexican standoff can be handled with charm. Agree on some, let the rest go.

AQUARIUS: Meet with powerful individuals in private. Decisions need to be made for others now.

PISCES: Smile as you know you are well connected or on the inside track. Patience will pay off.