It’s a good idea to sleep in if you need to recover, most things can wait. There may be a lesson in this for some. Consider cutting back or quitting.

Discuss this with those affected by your behaviour. Take off the rose-coloured glasses if you expect much change.

Know when to move on. Have faith in yourself; the road is open ahead.

Smoke and mirrors at the office won’t work on the boss either; check out options. Consider what a move would do for you or retire.

Mercury enters the sign of Leo causing some to polish their egos and make a power play in a free-range way. Freedom is stimulating or exciting, but a stable base is still needed for security.

ARIES: Get ducks in a row before you make your play. Navigate obstacles gingerly to get desired results. 

TAURUS: You speak your mind catching others by surprise. There needs to be a balancing of the scales. 

GEMINI: You put on a winning face no matter where things actually stand. Keep talks flowing forward.

CANCER: State your position and what you expect. Handle closure with kid gloves or careful diplomacy. 

LEO: Discuss confidential matters to see where the benefits are for you. It all works out in the long run. 

VIRGO: Wait patiently for those in positions of influence to follow through on your wishes or your needs.

LIBRA: You may be surprised by who is willing to support or fund you. Be gracious in what you accept. 

SCORPIO: Those you team up with are different from your usual associates but are just as effective.

SAGITTARIUS: Private deals or arrangements affect home or property matters. Follow solid procedure.

CAPRICORN: Change or transition with work or career looks easy. They like your ethics and resume.

AQUARIUS: You are lucky this week through strange or unusual circumstances. Look closely at details.

PISCES: Entertainment has an unusual or inspirational quality. Join in with others. Its good down time.