Feelings cause inner struggles while making choices between what is right and what offers some excitement.

This is one of those times when loose lips could sink ships. Consider how many will be affected in the end. Passion is hard to deny but may be misplaced; see how others really are.

Don’t throw a good thing away; relationships can be recovered just as well.

Monday’s new moon provides a starting point by opening up dialogue in personal or business areas.

Adapt to the unexpected and rein in unstable behaviour. Upgrade your devices.

Side trips can be informative. Discuss things on a need to know basis while checking each other out. 

ARIES: Consider the cost when pushing your agenda forward. Those who don’t agree will step back.

TAURUS: Handling matters over distance is a priority but you are able to manage home base issues.

GEMINI: The new moon in your sign allows you to grab a larger piece of the spotlight. Speak openly.

CANCER: Relationships become more personal as feelings are expressed. Lay all cards on the table. 

LEO: Those in positions of influence put in a good word for you or offer to connect you to opportunities. 

VIRGO: You have an opportunity to reset your position. Lay out the advantages for those affected by it. 

LIBRA: You have luck with locations, short or long term. An investment opportunity arises. Check it out. 

SCORPIO: Attend special events or they may be about you. In any case, your status or fan base grows. 

SAGITTARIUS: Your financial or income ability is stronger now as you handle changes in clever ways. 

CAPRICORN: You step forward as one who can shoulder a lot of responsibility. Your reach is greater.

AQUARIUS: You have powerful influence behind the scenes. Pull strings where they have an effect.

PISCES: Others look to you for the final word. Make statements that are calming or inspiring now.