Expectations are high as the week begins. Some focus is on personal relationships that can be taken to the next stage.

If you are ready to marry, then set the date. Sweet words between you will seal the deal as the attraction is magnetic.

There needs to be a discussion about who will move and when. Meet in out-of-the-way places to share your passions.

Intuition is strong, enhancing inspired works and creativity to advance or be completed.

Seek favours. Those of wealth or power are helpful. There is a general feeling of being connected or tuned in.

This helps to negate temper flares or arguments by providing distractions on another level.
ARIES: Competition can seem like arm wrestling as it comes down to the wire. Settle the main issues.

TAURUS: A fight for control needs to be handled in a more subtle way. Others dig in their heels too.

GEMINI: There is some tension over what is to be done and by whom. The pecking order is mixed up.

CANCER: Display your ingenuity and creativity to make up for areas of lack by those you work with.

LEO: Settle differences in secluded locations to avoid emotional exchanges being witnessed now.

VIRGO: Consult with decision makers or authority figures before you take a position. Compromise.

LIBRA: Take the pressure off negotiations by discussing terms in a social environment. Dine out.

SCORPIO: You have some leverage or control over the circumstances of others. Pick a location.

SAGITTARIUS: Hammer out details behind the scenes so that all involved will feel comfortable.

CAPRICORN: Work with those in positions of power or influence to bring them on board with you.

AQUARIUS: A show of strength or solidarity on your part adds weight to your status or position.

PISCES: You may be required to be on someone else’s turf temporarily. Use persuasive talents.