A shift of mood causes some to drill down on what they want no matter what the consequences or backlash.

Get up to speed on the larger agenda and be willing to make concessions where losses could occur if you don’t.

Changes may be required when reviewing documents or agreements as responsibilities are different, go along with it now.

Keep complaints to a minimum. The situation will look different down the road. Some wear their attitude on their sleeve; just ignore it.

Romance grows between those with the same interests. It’s obvious to others that the relationship is real. Plan to get away together.

Seek a cozy out of the way place.
ARIES: Be willing to go it alone if others don’t agree with you. It may be time to cut ties or just leave.

TAURUS: Travel plans should be flexible as schedules are subject to change, either your or theirs.

GEMINI: It comes down to who owes whom. This can be in the form of a favour or more substantial.

CANCER: Be open with contacts or relationships where there seems to be a contest of wills. Adjust.

LEO: Avoid showdowns and don’t quit. You come out a winner if you are patient. Negotiate a deal.

VIRGO: Plan instead of taking financial risks. Softer wording will bring others over to your side now.

LIBRA: Be firm about where you stand or where you want to be. Ease tensions with circumstances.

SCORPIO: Let the word out in a measured manner so that decisions are accepted by everyone.

SAGITTARIUS: Private talks or arrangements will benefit all involved. Powerful contacts will help.

CAPRICORN: You provide a strong front that others can get behind. Your influence is effective.

AQUARIUS: Forge ahead with your agenda in a way that does not alert those who may oppose.

PISCES: You may have to use your power of persuasion with hard nosed individuals. Soft peddle.