Vanessa Kirby was stunned when rumors speculating she was dating Tom Cruise first emerged.

The Crown star became linked to the actor while they were shooting upcoming action flick Mission: Impossible – Fallout in Europe last year, with the gossip escalating to marriage talk after she was spotted kissing the 56-year-old, who has been divorced three times, on set.

However, in a new interview with U.K. Marie Claire magazine, Kirby rejected the claims and shared that she couldn't believe the number of people who blindly accepted the stories and had texted her boyfriend, Callum Turner, to see if he was alright.

"Even though the (film) crew were there, it was all (in the tabloids) like, 'The next wife falls at his feet,'" she said. "The most disconcerting thing was the people I didn't think would believe it, did, and they were texting my boyfriend, asking, 'Are you OK?' I don't think they believe anything they read now because you just can't. None of it is real. To be getting married to him? Not even a snog, it was marriage."

The British actress, who shot to fame playing Princess Margaret on Netflix show The Crown, also touched on her working relationship with the Top Gun star.

"I tried to just meet the man really, and the man is so different to any stuff you'd read, because it always is," the 30-year-old explained. "It helped me to see that all the stuff that gets written is just such a load of bulls**t about everyone."

Despite her quick induction into the world of celebrity, Kirby doesn't feel overwhelmed by fame just yet and insisted that she can still go unnoticed in public.

"It is a weird feeling. I definitely don't feel it yet. I've been lucky because I barely get recognized, and I keep my relationship super private," she smiled. "(My boyfriend is) just completely wonderful and he's my best friend, so that's… I guess you can either choose to talk about it or not. If you talk about it, it becomes interesting to people, but if you don't, then it's not."