Macklemore has been away from his newborn daughter more than he’s been with her because of his touring commitments.

The Can’t Hold Us rapper, real name Ben Haggerty, revealed that he and his wife Tricia Davis had become parents of two in March during an interview on Irish radio station SPIN 1038 in April.

He has now admitted to Fault magazine that he got to spend eight days with the newborn, a sibling for their two-year-old daughter Sloane, before heading out on tour, and it’s been difficult for him missing out on her development.

“It’s strange to spend eight days with my newborn and then to leave and go on tour. It’s tough to look at pictures,” he said. “(I) feel like I’m missing something, and in a way, I don’t even know my baby yet. I’ve been away from her more than I’ve been there and it’s hard, but FaceTime is a beautiful thing in the meantime.

“My baby wasn’t planned so we’re adjusting, and people have been doing this forever so I am looking forward to eventually slowing down and just honing in on family life and being a dad for a good while.”

Macklemore, 34, is currently on the European leg of his Gemini tour, which runs until the end of May, before heading to the U.S.

During the interview, the singer also admitted he has to prioritise his daily recovery program to help him maintain his sobriety otherwise he “will lose it all”. Macklemore went to rehab for drug addiction and alcoholism in 2008 but suffered a relapse in 2011 after he became a chart success.

“There was a rapid transition and to have the world’s eye on me all at once with back- to-back number ones, and all the accolades that came with it – I didn’t know how to deal with it. I didn’t know how to adjust, so I escaped,” he explained. “I used drugs to cope (with) it and to get out of my head.”