6 thoughts on “Best of Seven – April 26, 2018”

  1. Are you serious? What criteria are we voting on here exactly? Who are these “Lovely Ladies” and why are we even voting on them at all? Content like this is not valuable or even worth anyone’s time.

    1. You’re voting on looks. Who do you think is the most attractive? It’s not complicated.

  2. The fact that stupid “vote for which hot girl is the hottest” things like this are still around just proves out little we have progressed as a society. How bout we start treating woman with a little more respect and a little less drool? Kay, thanks!

  3. Did these lovely ladies agreed for you to put their faces on your article? I sure hope so. I think they are all beautiful and that you should stop ranking woman on their looks., it’s very unrespectful of you.

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