Bella Thorne charges $65,000 for a single Instagram post.

The 20-year-old rose to fame on Disney Channel show Shake It Up, but in recent years has become better known for her skimpy outfits than acting roles.

In new mini documentary Bella, shot for Vogue by Emma Holly Jones, Bella opens up about her life, with cameras following her and her friends for six weeks.

At one point, the star is recorded talking on the phone, and she can be heard discussing how much money she earns for her social media posts.

"For grid posting it's 65 grand a post," she said of her main feed on the photo-sharing website. "For (Instagram) story posting it's anywhere from 10 to 20k, and for Snapchat it is the same as Insta Story.

"Facebook has around 10 million followers, but that's one that if you wanted to do a deal where you're like, hey, give us less here and we'll pay you more for this post and then also on Facebook, you know, I'm down to do something like that too."

Bella, who has 17.3 million Instagram followers, has previously advertised make-up brand Buxom's Full-On Lip Polish and detox tea company Teami Blends.

Later in the Vogue video, Bella revealed she'd managed to buy her multi-million dollar house with her social media earnings.

"Instagram is a hundred per cent a job to me. I started out at 18 with literally $200 in my bank account and I bought this house a year later, a year and a half, and that's all from social media," she told the camera.

The flame-haired star is currently starring in Midnight Sun opposite Patrick Schwarzenegger, which didn't fare well with critics.