Megan Fox is grateful she trusted her maternal instincts when one of her children was suffering from a skin condition.

The Transformers actress and her husband Brian Austin Green share sons Noah, five, Bodhi, four, and 20-month-old Journey, as well as Brian's teenage son Kassius from a previous relationship.

Megan has long been a big believer in following her intuition and has now shared how she was pleased she followed her gut when one of her boys suffered from eczema.

"My older son had eczema and some other issues. There were a couple of things that I knew were 'off,'" she said in an interview with Style Verify magazine. "Like, I knew my son should not have dairy, so I stopped him from drinking it regardless of what the doctor said to me. Most people do exactly what their doctor says, but there was something in me telling me that, 'No, this is making your son sick,' and so I followed my intuition and I was right."

Megan went on to explain that her experience with bullies at school and difficulties in Hollywood have sometimes caused her to doubt herself. But since doing some serious "soul-searching" she has learned to reject criticism.

"The more you follow your intuition, and it is correct, the stronger your intuition becomes. It is to the point where I am almost never wrong. If I feel something strongly intuitively – I listen to myself all the time, I have a 99 per cent accuracy on calling things based on my intuition," the 31-year-old shared.

During her interview, Megan shared that she is now gearing up to start work on a movie with Josh Duhamel. But the brunette beauty is also hoping to make another film in the same vein as her 2009 supernatural horror movie, Jennifer's Body.

"I have a creative urge to do a film that's similar to that – that allows me to be able to explore that part of my personality again," she added.