Jennifer Lawrence fears she'll die on vacation at the hands of her drunk "adrenaline junkie" alter-ego Gail.

The actress' friends have given her the name, insisting she becomes someone else when she's on holiday – and Jen admits she's worried Gail will do something that costs her her life.

"I can't deal with Gail," The Hunger Games star told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres during a pre-taped chat that airs on Friday. "(She's) a very specific drunk… I don't always turn into this masculine alter-ego who jumps into shark-riddled waters just to make my friends laugh. My friends are like, 'That's too far, Jen!'"

Lawrence suspects rum might be to blame for her dangerous, bad behavior because she only drinks it when she's on vacation, and insists she's not a big boozer otherwise – even though she was "hammered" at a recent premiere for her new film Red Sparrow and often drinks to excess on promotional tours, confessing, "It's the only way to make it through the day."

And she insists Gail has "a heart of gold" but is a big danger to herself, revealing she went over the top on a recent vacation, eating worms she found in conches and jumping into shark-infested waters.

She explains, "(Our guide) is like, 'This is where the fishermen clean the fish out, so there are all these sharks and I was like, 'Shark!!!!', and just jumped in. Everyone's like, 'Somebody get her some water and coffee; she's gonna die'."

Lawrence has no idea where adrenaline junkie Gail comes from as she's "normally pretty cautious" when she's not drunk on rum.

"I get rum and I'm like, 'Let's arm wrestle!'" she laughs.

As for the boozer who showed up on the red carpet at the New York premiere for Red Sparrow this week, Jennifer feels sure that's another alter-ego, joking, "I feel like her name ends in 'E'."

The Oscar winner reveals she had been drinking wine and shots on TV shows immediately before the screening, and was "hammered" as she faced the media.

"I got on the red carpet and I was like, 'Don't look drunk'."

It didn't work – as photos Ellen showed her proved: "I look like I've been electrified," Jen laughs, adding, "I think my nipple was out too."