Deep thought and scrutiny bring about decisions on complicated matters. Stalled positions need to be able to move forward now.

There may be new or revised rules to follow. Adapt to the pecking order without the usual ruffling of feathers, as this won’t affect things long term. Some will be praised or rewarded.

Power players or resourceful individuals will have influence over how this all plays out. A show of force may be necessary. Leaders need to use positive words or actions. Passionate feelings cause support as well as opposition; be clear where you stand.

True leadership will be admired and respected. Discuss alternate plans or routes. You can buy now.

ARIES: A groundswell of support for you can put you in a place you would like to be. Thank them or share.

TAURUS: Travel or holiday plans will be enjoyable even if you have to wing it along the way. Get together.

GEMINI: Dig into investigations or negotiations on a deeper level. Make a deal with those holding the reins.

CANCER: Mate or partnership matters need clarity. It may require others to be in on any talks or settlement.

LEO: Your ambitious goals require decisions on location or base of operations. You could work from home.

VIRGO: Circumstances work in your favour adding to your sense of freedom. Meetings will be interesting.

LIBRA: You can buy or sell with luck now. A quick shift of circumstances or conditions work in your favour.

SCORPIO: You are a powerhouse, as you stand tall in the eyes of others who still have some faith in you.

SAGITTARIUS: You pull string behind the scenes that effects the outcome of events for all involved now.

CAPRICORN: Favours come your way from those in positions of power or influence. Forge ahead as is.

AQUARIUS: Others provide backing or cover costs for you. Ride along with ease toward your goals.

PISCES: You benefit from travel of all types near or far. Establish connections and them plan to meet.