Predictions for 2018 Year of the Dog…

The year is ruled by the numbers 11 and 2 as 2+0+1+8= 11 and reduces to 2.

The Year of the Dog begins on Feb. 16 as the Chinese follow a lunar cycle. Their new year begins at sunset following the second new moon after the winter solstice based on when it occurs in China.

The character of the animal ruling the year will have an influence on what goes on one way or another.

Dogs are known for their loyalty, faithfulness and companionship. There will be the championing of causes for the general good. Many will fight oppression and tyranny. A renewal of faith and strength of spirit. Revivals.

Efforts made to calm anxiety and unrest with acts of kindness, good will and increased generosity. More help available and compassion, especially for children and the dreamers.

Laws changed regarding labour or what may be considered slave labour. The oppressed will call for more freedom and equality. Those speaking out will rally support or crowds to their cause. Left-leaning politics and ideology touted with a lot of barking. Speeches will have a more liberal tone. Some austerity programs.

Greater efforts to keep the peace. Guard duty beefed up with tighter security on many levels. Wars don’t usually last long in dog years. Dogmatic behaviour will demonstrate the need to work across the isle. A big shake up can be unnerving for some as certain matters come down to the wire.

Election results will be different than expected. Strong patriotism with flags waved.

Who will be top dog and who gets muzzled or unleashed makes this an interesting year for tug of wars.

Elitist takers will have to ease up a bit or negotiate as they jockey for power or position. Dog-eat-dog behaviour  could see some barking up the wrong tree or behaving like junkyard dogs.

Dogs have a natural sense of justice. A need to restore balance and clamp down on terrorism of all types and locations. Further calls for nuclear disarmament takes place. This occurred in 1958, also a dog year, by Lord Russell.

Some exposure of underhanded behaviour by promoters and investors could affect the markets. Corrections or swings catch some off guard. There will be some illusion attached to this. Avoid anything unsecured like Bitcoin.

The humanitarian influence this year will see a clamping down on dog breeders, puppy mills and scammers; charges could be laid.

The numbers 11 and 2 related to Neptune and the moon, mother and home. The concerns for providing homes and shelter will ramp up with building or renovating to provide this. Delegate to those who can do the job after collecting and compiling related data. This will help bring about a renewal of faith in mankind.

These numbers also represent intuitives, psychics, seers, writers, teachers, preachers, hypnosis and those involved in creating illusions or using mind control etc.

The numbers connect to twins and anything parallel like rail tracks, roads, bridges, etc.

Illusion and fantasy looked at from old black-and-white films to new and creative ones.

Creating illusion will extend to politics and the use of dog-whistle tactics. Clear foggy areas where there is a mix of religion with politics. Some speeches spellbinding, fraudulent and deceptive. Seek the truth.

A look at those who use slight of hand, magicians and charlatans talking to spirit. Be very cautious.

The 11 connects to Neptune, oceans, seas, and deep water. There will be general concerns and investigations. The temperature of waters monitored and some discoveries going deeper than before.

There will be those seeking protection from chapter 11, bankruptcy or insurance.

Shifts of power and duties among the royals likely. Focus on princes.

Spiritual icons in focus to encourage faith. A look at miracles, past or present. Inspired words. Investigating ghosts and spirits, etc. Healing power of prayer. Mother Teresa was born in a dog year.

Some will be like bloodhounds, solving cases and digging into cold ones. Lies found out. Finding where the bones or evidence is buried.

Other items in focus this year: Emmy, Oscar, music. sapphire, mud, fire, gold, farm, wool, black, white. tarot, cork, alcohol, drink, lotteries, dreams, hobo. Natural and manmade disasters continue.


ARIES: Soften your approach and your status will rise in the eyes of others. Reach out to them emotionally.

TAURUS: Mate or partnership issues are in focus this year. Allow them to develop or grow in natural ways.

GEMINI: You pull strings in front of and behind the scenes. One will give support to the other in situations.

CANCER: Relationships undergo change. Deal with those of age difference or children. Engage with others.

LEO: Put firm foundation under your wishes to have them fulfilled. Expand, decorate or plan some moves.

VIRGO: Private talks will gain you the added support you need. Meet with those in positions of authority.

LIBRA: Be open to lucky breaks or opportunities coming your way. You can make worthwhile gains now.

SCORPIO: You will stand out in leadership roles. Take on strong or independent agendas. Words count.

SAGITTARIUS: Pull strings behind the scenes with the help of powerful individuals or authorities. It counts.

CAPRICORN: You are included in the inner circle with influential people or circumstances. Rest on laurels.

AQUARIUS: Your connection to important people or organizations will enhance their goals as well as yours.

PISCES: Be a spellbinder to get key individuals to come on board with you. It’s a win-win deal near or far.