Good News

Good News

Some great things that have happened this year.

Awesome Halloween decorations

Awesome Halloween decorations

These people went all out on their Halloween decorating, and we're happy they did!

World Series: Who will win?

World Series: Who will win?

Who do you think will win the World Series? (You can vote more than once).

Daily Dose

Daily Dose

Good morning! Start your day with the Dose.

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If ads were honest

If advertisements were honest about what they were selling

If ads were honest (2)

Homemade Star Wars tie fighter

Home built tie fighter made from upcycled electric wheel chair motors. Top speed is 6 mph and I need one

Once in a lifetime experience swimming with dolphins

That’s a lot of dolphins

Gwen Stefani discovered that Blake Shelton’s ex was her superfan

Blake Shelton once dated someone who was a huge fan of his current girlfriend Gwen Stefani. The 48-year-old started dating her The Voice co-star in November 2015 after splitting from her husband of 13 years Gavin Rossdale earlier that year. But when delving into Blake's romantic history, Gwen wasn't expecting to discover that she was […]

Best of Seven selfies- April 19, 2018

Another week, another set of 7 awesome selfies. Vote for your favourite below!  

Comedian dramatically retells the story of his toddler taking a tumble

This boy’s reaction to falling the bushes sounds like an eloquent poem when told by his father.  

Guitarist plays TV sitcom theme songs in sync with the shows’ intros

We could definitely use a playlist of these chill acoustic covers.

Daily Dose- April 19, 2018

Get in this gallery and waste some time

Daily Dose- April 19, 2018 (2)