Symmetrical tattoos

Symmetrical tattoos

Check out these amazing tattoos!

Life is beautiful

Life is beautiful

Need a little happiness today? This gallery will help.

Tuesday Meme Dump- February 18, 2020

Tuesday Meme Dump- February 18, 2020

Memes! Come get your hot memes!

Daily Dose

Daily Dose

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TGIF Gifs – January 5, 2018 (2)

Gate leap Quite a Motorcycle Baby notices the camera Chinese prank Clown car of Berners. So close Largest pool in the world. Getting ready for a snowball fight Glorious! She’s in love with the new tiny human

Why men and women can’t ever be friends

Answering the age old question.

Nicki Minaj and Nas end romance – report

Rappers Nicki Minaj and Nas have reportedly called time on their rumoured relationship. The hip-hop stars were first linked in May, 2016, when they were spotted dining at Nas' Los Angeles restaurant Sweet Chick, but they didn't flaunt their romance, and only made rare public appearances together. Now a source tells the musicians decided […]

1956 Housewife on LSD: Hospital Testing

It must’ve been crazy to see everything in colour in the ’50s

Friday Fails – January 5, 2018

Go slowly through Friday Fails

Friday Fails – January 5, 2018 (2)

Which came first? The fire? Or the fire truck?

Older brother prank

This will only make his little sister tougher in the long run

Margot Robbie: ‘Someone should have warned me about Suicide Squad fame’

Margot Robbie was not prepared for all the craziness that came with portraying comic book femme fatale Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. The Australian actress thought it would be fun to jump on board a blockbuster, but she now feels someone should have warned her about the pitfalls of mega-fame. Overnight, she went from being […]

Labradoodle cannot deal with her reflection

Try not to panic here…

Daily Dose – January 5, 2017

A Daily Dose perfect for you and your bestie!