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Ariana Grande sets release date for new album Positions

Ariana Grande sets release date for new album Positions

Ariana Grande will release her new album Positions on 30 October, according to the star's latest Instagram post. Shortly after teasing the name ...

Sunday Dose

Sunday Dose

Relax and kick back today, it's Sunday!

Josh Gad to host Wayne’s World cast reunion on YouTube

Josh Gad to host Wayne's World cast reunion on YouTube

Josh Gad has recruited the stars of Wayne's World for the latest in a string of classic cast reunions on his YouTube ...

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Hilary Duff fumes at paparazzo for ‘hunting’ her for ‘hours’

Pregnant Hilary Duff has called out a paparazzo online after accusing him of “hunting” her down and making her feel “uncomfortable”. The Younger actress/singer took to Instagram on Saturday and shared video footage of herself confronting a man in a grey car, who had allegedly followed her around Los Angeles all morning as she visited […]

Yellow spider wraps up meal for later

Warning: Do NOT watch this if you hate spiders  

Jack Black embarrassed himself during first meeting with Cate Blanchett

Jack Black was left cringing with embarrassment when he first met Cate Blanchett, because the Oscar winner caught him with a swag bag full of free beauty creams. The School of Rock star crossed paths with Cate back in 2014, and he admits the circumstances were not quite as he had hoped. "We did meet […]

South Korean cafe

This isn’t a drawing, it’s a cafe in South Korea

Stadium Super Trucks is our new favourite sport

Stadium Super Trucks is bonkers and we can’t wait to watch more

Leighton Meester: ‘Gossip Girl wasn’t always a blast’

Leighton Meester has exploded the myth that Gossip Girl was a blast, insisting shooting the popular TV show turned her into a virtual vampire. The actress, who played Blair Waldorf on the show, admits there were days she never saw the sun because the shoots often started so early and ran into the night – […]

Weatherman nails pronunciation of the longest city

This is no easy feat… and it also sounds made up


Horoscope: Sept. 23-29

OVERVIEW:  Attend to duties even if you feel tired or pessimistic. Avoid signing things just to get them out of the way; consider the consequences. Take a break or go for coffee until the mood shifts, it won’t take that long. There is a need for further negotiations. Agree to meet up with others at a […]

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