WTF Wednesday- November 13, 2019

WTF Wednesday- November 13, 2019

Weird things on a Wednesday, what could be better?

Daily Dose

Daily Dose

Daily morning awesomeness.

Gossip Girl reboot will be ‘more diverse’ than original series

Gossip Girl reboot will be 'more diverse' than original series

The upcoming Gossip Girl reboot will be more diverse than the show's original run with "nonwhite leads", writer and producer Joshua Safran ...

Tattuesday- November 12, 2019

Tattuesday- November 12, 2019

These tattoos are amazing!

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Katy Perry and Steven Tyler lead tributes to Stephen Hawking

Katy Perry and Steven Tyler have paid tribute to renowned physicist Stephen Hawking following his death on Wednesday morning. The Nobel Prize winner and author of A Brief History of Time died at home in Cambridge, England on Wednesday morning, his children Lucy, Robert, and Tim announced in a statement. Upon hearing the news, celebrities […]

Hippos crunching watermelons

Hippos eat watermelons like we eat grapes

Heather Locklear banned from possessing gun while on bail

Heather Locklear has been temporarily banned from possessing any firearms while she is on bail for battery charges. The former Dynasty star was arrested for felony domestic violence and three charges of misdemeanour battery on a peace officer after police arrived at her home in February following reports of a dispute with her boyfriend, and […]

Best of Seven portraits – March 15, 2018

Everybody wants to have a great profile pic of themselves, right? Which one of these are your favourite?

Baby has the most infectious laugh

Baby laughing hysterically at pacifier noise

Designing the apartment in “Friends”

John Shaffner takes us through his design of Monica and Rachel’s apartment

Daily Dose- March 15, 2018

Today’s Daily Dose is very colourful  

Daily Dose- March 15, 2018 (2)

Selena Gomez became friends with Jennifer Aniston after awkward toilet meeting

Selena Gomez’s friendship with her acting idol Jennifer Aniston started off awkwardly after she met the Friends star unexpectedly in a restroom. The Come & Get It singer was at the same party as Jen years ago and the young star just happened to stumble into the ladies room as Aniston was touching up her […]

Very annoying things

Life isn’t always fair, and sometimes it’s the little things that can really be frustrating, like these!