Failure doesn’t care if you’re hot

Failure doesn't care if you're hot

These girls are hot... but these fails are hotter.

WTF Wednesday- August 21, 2019

WTF Wednesday- August 21, 2019

A gallery dedicated to the weirdest people, places, and things.

Daily Dose

Daily Dose

Happy hump day!

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx split

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx split

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have reportedly ended their low-key six-year romance. The Oscar-winning actor was spotted leaving a Los Angeles nightclub hand-in-hand ...

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This cat’s reaction to a tornado siren

Tornado? No thank you

Pamela Anderson: ‘Playboy empowered me’

Pamela Anderson credits Playboy magazine bosses with saving her life following the sexual abuse she suffered as a child. The Baywatch star first posed for the men's magazine in 1989 and became the publication's first Playmate of the Month, and now she reveals the late Hugh Hefner and his publishing partners helped to "empower" her […]

Here’s what ancient ruins would look like today

Until we have time travel, this will have to do

Migos vs Dr. Seuss

If only every rapper’s lyrics were this clean…

Daily Dose- April 4, 2018

Let us help you get over hump day

Daily Dose- April 4, 2018 (2)

Ed Sheeran fights back in song similarities row

Ed Sheeran is fighting back in a legal war over a song he wrote for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. In January, Sean Carey and Beau Golden accused the Brit of ripping off the melody for their 2014 song When I Found You, which they wrote for Jasmine Rae, when he penned The Rest of […]

Something doesn’t belong here

I just can’t quite put my finger on it…

Something doesn’t belong here (2)

Balancing on steel plates

This is epic